Finding a way to reduce bulk payments? Seylan Payroll enables organizations/employers to complete their financial transactions such as paying salaries, commissions, dividends, etc with much ease and convenience through an efficient, hassle free manner, without stepping into a bank.


  • Salaries, allowances, incentives, dividends and interests can be credited to employees and stakeholders in real time.
  • Time consumption is minimized due to elimination of drawing cheques/ making salary packets. 
  • Save time and eliminatethe risk of carrying cash to and from the bank physically.
  • Customer can send the details via e-mail /diskette to Seylan Bank.
  • Maintaining employee’s accounts with Seylan Bank is not mandatory. 
  • Seylan Account holders will be credited on the same day, while other bank account holders will be credited on the following day via SLIPS.
  • Employees who maintain their accounts at Seylan Bank will receive SMS alerts when their accounts are credited via SMS banking facility.
  • Advisory services from expert IT staff.


  • Secured service
  • Speedy service
  • Minimum staff requirement in the organization - 10 members
  • Staff could maintain their bank accounts in any bank
  • Technical advisory on Seylan Payroll from our IT staff