Loan Against Property

Let your property work for you; let it support to upgrade your life, business or investments for your future. Seylan Loan Against Property (LAP) is a tailor made loan available for salaried employees against the mortgage over his/her residential property and repayment backed the salary assignment.

  • Loan for any need.
  • Loan from a minimum of LKR 3 million up to a maximum LKR 100 million or 75% of the Forced Sale value.
  • Advisory Service.


  • Repayment period up to 25 Years, subject to full settlement prior to reaching 60 years of age or Retirement age whichever is earlier.


  • Sri Lankan citizens Employed in Sri Lanka aged 18 years and above
  • Net Income over LKR 200,000/-
  • Permanent employee who have completed a minimum period of 12 months.
  • CRIB clear
  • Total financial commitments including LAP to be within 60% of net fixed income.



Loan Against Property (LAP) Charges
Processing Fee 0.5% of Loan Amount Minimum LKR 15,000.00 to Maximum LKR 200,000.00
Mortgage Bond Loan Amount  
Up to LKR 5,000,000/- 1% of Loan amount -, Minimum LKR 5,000.00
LKR 5,000,000 up to LKR 25,000,000
LKR 5,000,000
LKR 5,000,001 up to LKR 25,000,000

LKR 50,000
LKR 50,000 + 0.5% on the remaining balance
Above LKR 25,0Mio
LKR 25,000,000/-
LKR 25,000,0001 and above

LKR 150,000/-
LKR 150,000/-+ 0.25%
VAT Mortgage Charges x 15.00%
Mortgage Bond Total = Mortgage Charges + VAT
Valuation Fee   Depends on Valuation + Travelling Charges e.g. If Loan Amount = LKR 2,000,000/-,Valuation Fee = LKR 2,000/- + travelling charges
Title Search Charges As applicable by the respective lawyers who are outsourced and employed by the bank
Stamp Duty Purchase or Construction of a House - Below LKR 3,000,000/- No Charges
Purchase or Construction of a House - Above LKR 3,000,000/- 0.1% of Loan Amount
For Transfer deeds - Up to LKR 100,000/- 3.0% of Transfer deed value
For Transfer deeds - Above LKR 100,000/- 4.0%of Transfer deed value
Insurance Policies Title Insurance Policy On evaluation requirement.
Mortgage Policy Mandatory
Fire Insurance As per valuation

Loan Against Property

Tenure (Fixed) Permanent Employees with Salary Assignment (Salary above LKR 300,000/-) Rate % p.a. Permanent Employees with Salary Assignment (Salary below LKR 300,000/-) Rate %p.a.
01 Year 17.50 18.50
02 Years 17.50 18.50
05 Years 16.50 17.50