VISA Multi Currency Travel Card

Looking for the perfect travel companion for all your International Trips? 
Seylan Multi Currency Travel Card is the safest and most convenient way to carry your foreign currency.Get your Card loaded with five foreign currencies at any given time for a hassle- free journey. 


  • A Pre-Paid VISA Card issued with multiple currencies in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SAR.
  • No exposure to currency fluctuations.
  • A Free additional card will be issued with the main card in case of lost or theft, with immediate replacement
  • Free Medical Insurance Coverof USD 50,000. 
  • Manage the card online via Pin protected Customer Portal.
  • Chip protected multi-currency travel card.
  • Free Cash Withdrawals from Seylan ATMs.
  • Worldwide acceptance at over 30 million Visa accredited merchants and in over 2.2 million ATMs.

Get started:

Step 1:

Visit any Branch Island Wide

Step 2:

Submit the following documents
  • Travel Card Application
  • Valid Passport
  • Air Ticket
  • Visa / Document on travel proof

Step 3:

You must confirm to Exchange Control Regulations.

Note : Any other documents pertaining to the matter will be requested by the bank, to ensure better customer service in the future. 


Load 1% commission
Re-load 1% commission


Other Fees

Balance Inquiry (Seylan ATMs)
Balance Inquiry (Other Banks ATMs)
USD 0.50 (or equivalent )
Cash withdrawal (Seylan ATMs)
Cash withdrawal (Other Banks ATMs)
USD 2.00 (or equivalent )
(Some ATM operators may charge a fee separately & will notify the same)
(Please note that certain Banks levy an additional ATM fee which is notified to card member prior to transaction is performed, enabling card member to proceed with the transaction at the card member's discretion )
(Please ensure that sufficient funds are available (inclusive of above both ATM charges) in any one wallet, since partial authorizations are not allowed)
Declined ATM transaction (due to insufficient funds ,PIN tries exceed) at Other Banks ATMs
USD 0.50 (or equivalent )
Cash withdrawal Limit (ATMs)
USD 10,000 per day (or equivalent)
(Daily ATM withdrawal limit of bank's will apply)
Transaction Limit-Daily (POS)
USD 20,000 (or equivalent)
Transaction Limit-Daily (E-com)
USD 2,500 (or equivalent)
SMS Alert
Card Replacement charges
Pin reissuance charges on the web
PIN Mailer Re-issuance
Overseas Transactions All overseas transactions will be converted using VISA International exchange rates. In order to mitigate local exchange rate movements, an additional amount (6%) will be included to the rate at the time of billing.
Wallet to Wallet funds transfer
please contact our 24 hours call centre Tel. 0112 008888

* Tariff is subject to change without prior notice.


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General Conditions


  • No refund of Annual Fees will be made if the card is terminated or not accepted.
  • No Financial Charges will be levied (except on Cash Advance) if full settlement is made monthly on or before due date.
  • Additional expenses, such as legal fees, credit transfers, cheque issuance and overseas charges (e.g. courier, fax, postage etc.) will be levied where incurred.
  • Secure Card (against Fixed Deposits) will be issued “Free of Charge” and will attract “Lower” Interest rate.
  • Government Stamp Duty of 2.5% will be applicable for all Foreign Currency Transactions and debited to the account in the following billing cycle.
  • The Bank reserves the right to change the above rates at any time with prior notice.