Looking for a Balance Transfer Credit Card program to settle your debts faster? 
With SBTIP program you could transfer your outstanding balance along with the accrued interest to a lower interest rate Credit Card and payback in ease. 


  • Enjoy 6, 12, 24 months time period for re-payment with low interest rate per annum. 
  • SBTIP could be obtained for one or more other bank cards at any given time.
  • Ability to choose your most preferred card – Visa or Mastercard
  • Avail yourself with a wide range of “Deals &Promotions”.
  • Acceptance at over 30 Million merchants and over 1.6 Million ATMs worldwide.

Get Started:
Duly filled Seylan Balance Transfer Instalment Plan Application form along with the completed Credit Card Application form should be handed over to the Card Center or to any Seylan Bank Branch. 

Handling Fee: 

Tenure Handling Fee % (w.e.f. 30th April 2022)
6 Months 7.50%
12 Months 12.50%
24 Months 23.50%